Collaboration in pre-clinical and clinical development: interview with Dalvir Gill


TransCelerate BioPharma is a pharmaceutical company collaboration that addresses key issues in clinical development that benefit everyone. Now six members have decided to extend the concept to the pre-clinical realm by establishing BioCelerate. Their goal is to compress time to market, reduce cost, and increase the predictive value of preclinical data.

I spoke recently with TransCelerate’s CEO Dalvir Gill about TransCelerate and the new BioCelerate initiative. As CEO of both organization, he’s in a good position to comment. Here’s what we discussed:

  1. (0:10) What is Transcelerate?
  2. (1:13) How did it get started? These entities compete with one another so how did they decide to get together to work on something?
  3. (4:46) When the organization was launched there were a few specific projects. What can you say about the project and the results achieved?
  4. (8:19) Can you talk about your interactions with non-members, including regulators?
  5. (11:43) What financial commitment do you expect from members? How do you avoid the freeloader problem?
  6. (13:45) You’ve grown your membership and initiated new projects. You’ve now initiated Biocelerate. What is it and why are you setting it up as its own entity?
  7. (16:06) Tell me about the initial project, which is focused on toxicology.
  8. (18:13) Are there more projects that are lined up for Biocelerate?

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.


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