Health Business Group Launches New Podcast: HealthBiz with David E. Williams

Weekly show features interviews with healthcare entrepreneurs and experts
BOSTON, October 14, 2020 – eTradeWire — Health Business Group (HBG), a healthcare strategy consulting boutique, launched a weekly podcast series titled HealthBiz with David E. Williams. Hosted by HBG’s president, the podcast presents interviews with healthcare business and policy leaders. Williams’ unique interview style fuses deep healthcare insight with engaging humor.

The first episode, Data Will Eat Public Health featured Shahir Kassam-Adams, a healthcare entrepreneur at Datavant. Kassam-Adams described how steps taken after 9/11 can inform our post-pandemic response. He explained how the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data has helped identify and mitigate threats, albeit at the expense of privacy.

For public health, there is an opportunity to leverage and synthesize disparate electronic data while protecting privacy. “Almost everything about public health is information based,” said Kassam-Adams. “The power of that information is going to make new public health professionals out of information technology professionals, or public health professionals will step up to become information giants. Data is going to eat public health.”

Guests on subsequent episodes include Dr. Surya Singh (entrepreneur and CVS executive), Daniel Kivatinos (DrChrono co-founder), Ahmed Albaiti (Medullan CEO) and Dave Terry (Archway Health CEO).

“Healthcare is critically important to the economy and to everyone as individuals. But it’s easy to be consumed by jargon and bore people to death when discussing the complexities and nuances,” said Williams. “I invite really knowledgeable and engaging people to HealthBiz, where we provide clarity and depth to inform and provoke.”

HealthBiz is an outgrowth of the Health Business Blog, where Williams has written thousands of posts about healthcare business and policy and conducted more than 100 podcast interviews since 2005.

HealthBiz with David E. Williams is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify and other services.

About the Health Business Group

Health Business Group is a leading strategy consulting firm advising companies, investors, and non-profits in healthcare technology, healthcare services, and pharmaceutical services. Client service professionals average more than 20 years of healthcare consulting, industry and start-up experience. Visit for more information.

David E. Williams is president of Health Business Group and an independent director of Clerio Vision, Home Care Delivered, and Vericred. He is chair of Medullan’s advisory board. Previously he worked at Boston Consulting and LEK Consulting. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University. Follow David on Twitter @HealthBizBlog

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